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Frequently Asked Questions On Bail Bonds

Q: My friend / family member just got arrested, what should I do?
A: Call us at 720-432-6637 any time of day, the sooner we get started the quicker they get out of jail.
Q: I'm not on bond but I have a warrant, can you help me?
A: YES!! Call us at 720-432-6637 today to discuss your options before it is too late.
Q: How much does it cost to bond someone out?
A: Each situation is different, sometimes as low as 8% but never more than 15% of their bail. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.
Q: I don't own my home is that a problem?
A: Not typically. Collateral is only required on larger bonds (commonly only on Bonds over $10,000) and we accept many forms of collateral in most cases.
Q: How long does it take to get a person out of jail?
A: We post most bonds within an hour of you completing a bail contract and payment. After the bond is posted it can take 1-6 hours to release your loved one from the detention facility.
Q: I missed my court date, what should I do?
A: Don't panic, call us immediately. We will give you a Consent of Surety so you can go get a new court date.
Q: What is a Consent of Surety?
A: It is in simplest terms, a note to the judge from your bondsman that says we agree to continue your bond. Similar to a note from your doctor, when you missed work.
Q: I think the person I bonded out is going to leave town, what can be done?
A: Call us at 720-432-6637 IMMEDIATELY!! We can revoke the bond but we need to act quickly.
Q: Do I get my money back when the person I bonded goes to court?
A: The short answer is no. The money you paid to get your loved one bonded out is not returned. Any money put up as collateral is returned when the case/cases are satisfied and the bond is released.
Q: The person I bonded out missed court, what happens now?
A: Relax! We get them in to see the judge as soon as possible. We have a lot of options but we need to communicate.
Q: Do I need to come to your office to process the bail bond?
A: Typically yes. A qualifying signer will need to meet with one of our agents and bring their valid Colorado ID, proof of income and other required documents. The process normally takes about 20-25 minutes depending on the questions the indemnitor (signer) may have. There are exception with "out of state signers" ect.
Q: Which Colorado jails do you serve?
A: The counties in Colorado that we do bail bond services are Jefferson, Denver, Douglas, Adams, Gilpin, Clear Creek, and Arapahoe.
Q: What can I do after I submitted payment for the bail?
A: When bond paperwork has been completed and premiums are paid the bond agent will go to the jail to post the bond. The defendant is released some time after that. Release time vary depending on the facility usually 2-4 hrs.
Q: How long is the bail bond good for?
A: A bond is good until there is a finding in the case. The defendant is found innocent, guilty, pleads to a lesser charge or plead bolo contendro (no contest). In some cases, if sentencing is delayed, a bond can be continued until sentencing.
Q: Do I have to pay for bail or can the person who is jailed be responsible for payment, with my help?
A: We require that bond be paid for prior to posting the bond and defendant being released from jail.
Q: Do I get the premium money back after the defendants case is complete?
A: No. The premium money is not returned. Premiums are the fees charged by a bondsman for their services.
Q: What are my responsibilities when I sign for/ indemnify a bond?
A: You are responsible for the full amount of the bond plus any cost or fees that the bondsman incurs as a result of doing the bond. Costs and fee include but are not limited to : bounty hunter fees, court filing fees, legal/attorney fees, loss of income.
Q: What if I decide I no longer want to be financial responsible for a bond?
A: A bond can be revoked at the signer/indemnitors expense. This is not a free service and typically must be paid for in advance of the bond being revoked. Contact us for details.